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Rails Rumble Server Screencasts

Rails Rumble is one of my favorite parts of the year. I probably geek out about setting up the servers more than anything so I setup this article to show how I like to setup my servers for the competition. Complete with screencasts… Enjoy!

Ruby Heroes 2010 Video

After Yehuda’s keynote Tuesday night at RailsConf the Ruby Hero awards were presented by Gregg Pollack and Nathaniel Bibler from Envy Labs.

Beginner Capistrano FAQ Incoming

An update about the Capistrano FAQ we’ve been working on.

del.icio.us/capistrano_links folksonomy

Our goal is to gather what resources exist out in the web already and catalogue and organize them so we can better present them to the community.

RailsConf 2008 Personal Take Aways

I had a blast at RailsConf this year and just wanted to say a few things regarding the experience.